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What we do

Our mission is to serve as an instrument to help communities, businesses, and grassroots organizations achieve success by promoting healthy, sustainable best practice solutions that ensure organizational viability in the ever changing global economy.

Our Products and Services

The company whose focus is on the future

Sustainable Business Planning

We look at the solutions that will positively impact your community or organizations socially, environmentally and economically.  We help you develop plans to sustainably grow in a way that is inclusive and environmentally healthy for generations to come.  With over 25 years of operational business consulting experience, we work with local businesses to develop competitive edge strategies needed for its long term profitability.  By incorporating innovative operational and marketing strategies that are social, economic, as well as environmentally sustainable, we will help your company to step into the next phase of today’s rapidly changing global business economy.

Environmental advocacy

SBBS works with you to develop strategies to advocate for positive change in communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the decision making process.   Whether you are concerned residents, grassroots organizations, or faith based non-profits, it helps to consult with experienced advocates to identify the root causes of the issues and develop specific strategies to advocate for positive change.  We are committed to help you learn to advocate for environmental policies the promote environmental legislation that is inclusive and just for all people, especially people of color.

Project management

Smart Beginnings Business Solutions will help you efficiently manage your projects with a social, economic and environmentally sustainable lens.   We will assist with all aspects of the project from initiation, planning, execution, reporting and closing. As experienced project managers, we have expertise in new product launches, existing product expansions or system migration. We bring cross functional team leadership experience and will guide the project using agile project management techniques.

Community Organizing

SBBS helps residents self-determine and identify root cause social, economic, and/or environmental issues of concern to their residents and local businesses. Once identified, SBBS will work with the community by providing guidance and expertise to develop comprehensive strategic, inclusive and sustainable campaign.  In addition, we will work with the community on implementing engagement tactics that mobilize grassroots activism with the objective of positive, healthy change for the community and its residents.

Education and Outreach

SBBS will work with organizations to educate residents about social and environmental issues that impact the health and well being of the community.  Since many justice issues are sometimes go unnoticed by residents, we are available to go out into the community at events, festivals and health fairs to share information and provide one-on-one education with residents and grassroots organizations.  In addition, we can provide outreach to the community by organizing and hosting  educational seminars or workshops important environmental issues that impact communities.  We will help prepare residents to actively participate in their communities' policy making process.

Environmental Justice Public Speaking

Since SBBS works with communities to speak out against environmental injustice, we will engage as guest speakers on panels, workshops, events and services. We speak on topics that include environmental justice, zero waste, recycling, renewable energy, clean energy legislation, and other topics that will increase the health and welfare of the community.

What our customers are saying

I direct a grassroots climate organization, and Robin is an incredible asset to our work. She builds on a long career of successfully engaging African-American communities in critical environmental justice issues, and in calling on the environmental organizations in which she works to center the concerns of those communities. Robin is organized, warm, focused, and deeply personally committed to the cause of environmental justice for all. And, she's thoughtful and fun! I offer her my highest recommendation.

Joelle Novey - Director at Interfaith Power & Light (MD.DC.NoVA)

What our customers are saying

Robin is a colleague through our state representative work at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Air and Climate Public Advisory Board. As members of that Committee we have worked on environmental justice initiatives and other issues in the District and Maryland. Likewise, we have been peers and colleagues in Energy Justice work. I know Robin to be incredibly warm and personable, whip smart and as a problem solver who understands the complex nature of environmental issues facing communities of color. She is a tireless advocate for the underserved and the entire community is better served because of her efforts.

Tamara Toles O'Laughlin - Executive Director, Maryland Environmental Health Network

We are here to help so email us at or call us at (240)681-9994  

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