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Their Future is in our hands

We must work to ensure that the planet is sustainably maintained for future generations.  That is why Smart Beginnings Business Solution will help your community, grassroots organization or small business create strategies that include social, economic and environmental goals that protect and sustain our planet to ensure that those that follow in our footsteps have a healthy quality of life.

We are here to help

Smart Beginnings Business Solutions (SBBS) is a small, woman-owned, minority management consulting firm that assists communities with environmental justice advocacy community organizing and engagement.  We also help small businesses plan and implement operational practices that demonstrates a tangible commitment to economic, environmental and social benefits in building its long-term business success.

Our Mission

At Smart Beginnings Business Solutions, we are called to help organizations and communities create an inclusive and equitable environment in which all stakeholders can thrive in a healthy, sustainable and productive manner.   


Who is the woman behind the business?

Robin Lewis

Principal Consultant

The Good Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

After spending years in corporate American creating and implementing solutions for large businesses, something was missing.  Although prosperity is a good thing for most people, little if any attention paid to the social, economic and environmental impacts of the solutions on the society or people in general is not so good.  This for profit perspective is empty and does not fulfilling  the need to respond to the impacts of climate change nor the environmental or justice for the marginalized and underrepresented.

The Call To Help

As a Christian and leader in my faith, it was my calling to be a voice in the society that is teach and encourage those who traditionally had no voice, to speak up and advocate for what is right and just.   We use corporate management skills to develop campaigns and strategies that accomplish the social, economic and environmentally sustainable goals of the people.   

We are here to help so email us at or call us at (240)681-9994  

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